Long Pond Backpacking Trip


Friday, August 28 -
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Rutland State Forest
Rutland, Massachusetts

Event Description

For this trip, we will backpack a segment of the Midstate Trail into Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (TVSR) and then through Rutland State Park, ending at Barre Falls Dam. The basic plan:

  • Day 1 - Start at trailhead on Paxton Road in Spencer. Hike Midstate Trail approximately 5 miles to TVSR, exit Midstate Trail onto camp trail at Browning Pond and hike to Fort Courage site along the shore.
  • Day 2 - Hike on camp trail to Sampson's Pebble and follow Midstate Trail north appromiately 3 miles to trail shelter near Long Pond. Day hike to and from swimming area at Rultand State Park.
  • Day 3 - Hike Midstate Trail north approximately 7 miles to Barre Falls Dam.

Participants should attend a virtual campout planning meeting on August 18 and an in-person campout planning meeting on August 25, both 7:00-8:30 PM.

This trip is open to Scouts BSA members. Each participant should weigh at least 90 pounds.


In response to COVID-19, we will implement COVID-19 Controls on this trip.

Campsite Rental Guidance - This provides the Council's COVID-19 rules, which apply while we are at Treasure Valley.


  • Permission Slip - Each participating Scout must submit this to the Scoutmaster by August 18. Paper Form  Online Form.
  • Event registration fee (pay by August 18):
      Youth - $20 (includes some food) - (online payment)
      Adult - $8 (includes no food) - (online payment)
  • COVID-19 Statement - Each participant needs to submit this form by September 15. For youth, it is to be signed by a parent.
  • Annual Health and Medical Record - Each participant must have submitted this record within the previous year and no later than August 18. This trip requires only Parts A and B, including copy of insurance card (both sides). A medical exam is not required.
  • CORI - Adults staying overnight must have submitted a CORI to Troop 54 within the last year. If you need this, please submit it to the Scoutmaster by August 18.
  • Youth Protection Training - Adults staying overnight must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training within the prior two years. If you need this, submit your training certificate to the Scoutmaster by August 18.
  • Vehicle Information - If you are driving and your vehicle information has not been provided to the Troop previously, please provide this to the Scoutmaster by August 18.


See our Personal Camping Gear page for a check list and descriptions of most of the items needed. You will pack your stuff in either an external frame or internal frame backpack (the big kind). Specific items to bring:

  • Water bottles (2)
  • Full uniform (as for just about any event) - wear this.
  • Food - The patrol should plan to provide 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts. Scouts bring your own snacks, lunches and drinks. Adults bring all of your own food, snacks and drinks.
  • Insect repellent and preferably permethrin treated clothing.

To be prepared for mosquitos and ticks, see our Insects page.


  • Each Scout will need to be transported to and from the trail by a family member. Meet at the trailhead on Paxton Road in Spencer (approximate location) at 8:00 AM on Friday.
  • Scouts should be picked up at Barre Falls Dam at approximately 3:00 PM on Sunday on Sunday. We will attempt to call drivers from the trail as we determine a more accurate arrival time.


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