Annual Health and Medical Record

BSA Med Forms

Before participating in any outdoor or overnight event, each youth member, parent or adult leader needs to submit a completed medical record. You have two options:

If you have the vaccination/exam printout from the participant's last exam and that is after last July, your simplest option is to complete the A, B and C form now, so you don't have to do a second form later.

Pro tip: Save the form to your own drive before you start completing it electronically; otherwise, your entries will be lost when you do save it.

Signatures: These forms require wet signatures, i.e., you use a pen. Do not sign them electronically.

Here are responses for a few of the fields on Part B Page 1:

Please review your medical record for the following frequently missed items (you will need to print this page if you want to actually check it off):

Note: A "medication" is something that has an active pharmaceutical ingredient. For example, sun screen is not a medication.


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