Troop 91 and Pack 91

Troop 91 and Pack 91 were chartered at Saint George Church on Brattle Street. Pack 91 was the source of many Troop 54 Boy Scouts starting in about 1995 and continuing into the early 2000s. Those Scouts and leaders:

Youth members from Pack 91:

Matthew J. Allen
Zachary W. Allen
Matthew Aromando
Brian Beeso
Derek K. Beeso
Timothy Bercume
Bret M. Bissonnette
Michael J. Brown
Patrick J. Brown
Jeffrey M. Busha
Robert W. Conn
Michael Duggan
Daniel J. Durning
Robert J. Durning
Zachary S. Fairbanks
Matthew M. Firmani
Kevin A. Froimson
Timothy D. Froimson
James R. Goyette
William G. Grudzinski, Jr.
Ryan C. Gustafson
William C. Gustavson
Alexander M. Haig
Ross W. Haig
Ryan P. Hanney
William H. Hansen
Daniel G. Heavey
Joseph E. Hennigan
Keegan J. Hersey
Justin C. Hughes
Bowen J. Keevan
Justin Laganelli
Anthony S. Leuci
Michael J. Lucier
Ethan M. Luong
Gavin K. MacNeal
Joseph C. Manning
Christopher M. Mattson
Dylan J. Mazeika
Peter A. McGinnes
Jonathan R. Mitchell
Michael O'Connor
Brendan M. O'Neil
Brett W. Packard
Jeffrey R. Packard
Jared S. Paretti
Anthony Quist
Timothy M. Rondeau
Michael D. Russo
Patrick J. Russo
Connor M. Shamlian
Kyle J. Shamlian
Robert M. Shaw III
Spencer G. Shaw
Matthew Sivazlian
Thonmas J. Sliwoski
Michael T. Strub
Nicholas Tiscione
Andrew S. Whitney

Adult members from Pack 91:

William J. Allen
Paul J. Brown
Joshua C. Froimson
Peter H. Hansen
Daniel G. Heavey Sr.
Brian J. Keevan
Keith A. MacNeal
Russell S. Mattson
David P. Russo
Robert M. Shaw Jr.

Prior to Dave Russo's time as Cubmaster of Pack 91, Michelle Brown (wife of Paul Brown) was Cubmaster; she had restarted the unit. Approximately in 2009, Pack 91 moved to the Church of the Nazareen on Burncoat Street. A few years later, after moving again, it had failed to recharter. By 2015, Troop 91 had failed to recharter. For many years up to that point, Francis O'Brien was the Scoutmaster of Troop 91.

To view pictures of some of these Scouts and leaders during their time in Pack 54, you can view an archive copy of the Pack 91 website.


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