Turkey Shoot Camping Trip

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Friday, November 20 -
Sunday, November 22, 2020
Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
Rutland, Massachusetts

On November 15, 2020, the Heart of New England Council BSA, the operator of Treasure Valley, advised us that they have closed all of their camps to overnight camping until COVID-19 restriction ease. As a result, this event is cancelled and replaced with a Virtual Camping Trip. All fees paid for the shooting and camping events will be refunded.

Event Description

The Turkey Shoot is a shooting sports themed event at Treasure Valley. This will be our first time at the event since 2016 (it was called Woodsman Weekend that year). Our camp site will be determined later.

We have one patrol (up to 8 Scouts) registered for a time slot that runs 8:00-11:30 AM Saturday. Our Scouts will need to grab a quick breakfast in time to get to the air rifle portion of the event, near the Benedict Lodge, by 8:00 AM.

This trip is open to Troop 54 Scouts BSA members. If we have any of our eight spots remaining after our registration closes, those will be open to Troop 7054 Scouts.

The camp rules only permit 12 people in the site. The event rules only allow 8 Scouts in the patrol; they must be accompanied by 2 adult volunteers (these are not required to be registered leaders).


We will employ our COVID-19 Controls on this trip.

Campsite Rental Guidance - This provides the Heart of New England Council's COVID-19 rules.


We have separate registration fees for the campout and the Turkey Shoot for two reasons: This will simplify refunds if state COVID-19 regulations cancel the camping portion of the weekend. This also enables Scouts to sign up for only the Turkey Shoot.


See our Personal Camping Gear page for a check list and descriptions of most of the items needed. You can pack your stuff in a backpack (the big kind), a duffle bag or a tub. Specific items to bring:

To be prepared for mosquitos and ticks, see our Insects page. One plus to the cooler weather: mosquitos stop functioning below 50°F, and the risk from ticks is minimal below 40°F.



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