Douglas State Forest

Douglas State Forest is a 5,907 acre park in Douglas Massachusetts, managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The terrain in this park is fairly level. So far, we have camped at the trail shelter on the Midstate Trail each time. The one challenge there is that the nearest water is a good hike from the shelter, and it is typically so low during dry weather that we need to filter and treat it for drinking.


Park web page

Maps and GPX Files

The following are from some of our hikes:

Segment Description Map GPX File
Douglas State Forest - maps of Midstate Trail and some of the other trails in this forest Google My Maps GPX file
Midstate Trail and SNETT south to shelter and Midstate north to trailhed. Google My Maps
GPS Visualizer
GPX file
North South Trail and then Midstate Trail north to shelter. GPS Visualizer GPX File

To download a GPX file, right click on it and select "Save target as".

Troop 54 Trips in Douglas State Forest

SNETT Backpacking Trip - November 2019 - South into Douglas State Forest, starting on on the SNETT
Douglas SF Backpacking Trip - August 2016 - Midstate Trail South to trail shelter
North South Trail Backpacking Trip - November 2012 - North into Douglas SF
Douglas State Forest Backpacking Trip - August 2009


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