Sports Participation

Winter Sports


Plan outings to satisfy requirements for Cycling merit badge or create a camping adventure on wheels. Decide whether the trip will be a road bicycling or mountain bicycling trip and take it from there.

Horseback Riding


Orienteering is a sport in which you use a compass to find defined points in the woods and navigate from one such spot to another.


Massachusetts supports fishing with programs and information.

Frisbee Golf

Also known as "disk golf", the relatively new sport combines the basic idea of golf with a frisbee and specially designed goals. Some places to play frisbee golf:

Climbing Walls

Outdoor climbing opportunities are listed on our Adventure page.

Other Indoor Sports


Shooting Sports

Many Scout camps have ranges. Typically Boy Scout camps have rifle, archery and shotgun ranges. Cub Scout camps have BB gun and archery ranges. Camps that serve Venturers may provide for pistol shooting. Some camps have scheduled events that include shooting sports, and other camps provide shooting sports if arranged in advance.


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