Roger Hunt

Roger Hunt
Roger Hunt at Treasure Valley for summer camp (1974).

Roger A. Hunt was an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 54 and a long-time Scouter. When Mr. Hunt signed up with the Troop in 1961, he became the first Assistant Scoutmaster during Herbert Adams long tenure as Scoutmaster. Mr. Hunt continued as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 54 until 1978.

As a youth, Mr. Hunt was a Scout in Troop 54, appearing in the 1943 and 1944 troop rosters.1

From comments in the March 2011 edition of The Torch:

In 1969 he bought a new FORD and took 5 Scouts on a trip to ALASKA, later they went to PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH in CIMARRON, NEW MEXICO. Other trips were to MAINE and VALLEY FORGE, Pennsylvania.

In the 1960's, Mr. Adams and Roger built the RIFLE RANGE in East Camp, TREASURE VALLEY. In the 1970's Mr. Adams and Roger built almost single-handedly the WEST LODGE. They also replaced much of the paneling in the EAST LODGE.

Mr. Hunt can be seen in several of our summer camp pictures from the 1960s and 1970s.

Recollection of Christopher Mirick:

I remember Roger leading us on various canoe trips when I was a young Scout. As I got older, he was more involved in TVSR than in Troop 54, and did an amazing job keeping the canvas serviceable. I also recall that he had a number of different Subarus, only one of which could run at any time as he moved parts among them. He had a station wagon (maybe an Outback) that had only the driver's seat, and a custom-built roof rack, so that he could haul tents, tarps, poles and other pieces around camp.4

Recollection of Mark Skagerlind:

Mr. Hunt was a cool leader and pushed us to always think outside the box. He used his engineering skills to design space blanket tents that we used for years on troop activities. This was a project that Norton Company had given up on with unreasonable expectations. I spent countless weekends working with him at Treasure Valley cutting fire roads on the far side of the lake and other projects. I recall the purple cabbage he always had in his sandwiches.5

He loved Treasure Valley and it is his final resting place.

Mr. Hunt received the follow Scouting award:

Professionally, Mr. Hunt was a research specialist at Norton Company. 2

Roger Hunt died on January 16, 2011, at the age of 79.

1 Transcription of 1937-1960 rosters by David Harris and Donald Harris.
2 Mentioned in a 3/28/78 letter from Donald Harris.
3 Listed in the program for the May 19, 2016, Council Dinner.
4 7/31/17 E. Mail from Christopher Mirick (Troop 54 Eagle Scout 1990)
5 4/30/18 E. Mail from Mark Skagerlind (Troop 54 Scout at least 1970-72).


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