Turkey Shoot Camping Trip


Friday, November 17 -
Sunday, November 19, 2023
Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
Rutland, Massachusetts

Event Description

The Turkey Shoot is a shooting sports themed event at Treasure Valley. This will be our first time at the event since 2016 (it was called Woodsman Weekend that year). We will camp on Upper Boonesville Plains, which is a field with no tent platforms. There is a composting latrine nearby, and we plan to use our pop-up firepit. The Turkey Shoot (which does not involve harming any turkeys) will include the following stations:

This event has some unusual aspects to its registration process. We register by purchasing one ticket for up to 10 Scouts. We were assigned the Sunday AM shoot time (8:00 AM to 11:30 AM).

This trip is open to Scouts BSA members.


Registration information will be posted later.


Use our Personal Camping List to ensure you pack the needed items and see our Personal Camping Gear page for descriptions of most of the items needed and for how to use the checklist. You can pack your stuff in a backpack (the big kind), a duffle bag or a tub. Specific items to bring:



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