Pittsfield Backpacking Trip


Saturday, September 16 -
Sunday, September 17, 2023
Pittsfield State Forest
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Event Description

This trip takes us to Pittsfield State Forest for our first time. We will backpack in from a trailhead on the edge of the forest and camp in a youth group site in the main campground. We will mostly hike the Taconic Crest Trail in and the Turner Trail down to the camping area.

This trip is open to Scouts BSA members. Participants should weigh at least 90 pounds or bring a parent to carry some of their stuff.



Use our Backwoods Camping List to ensure you pack the needed items and see our Personal Camping Gear page for descriptions of most of the items needed and for how to use the checklist. You will pack your stuff in either an external frame or internal frame backpack (the big kind). Specific items to bring:



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