Camp Collier

Camp Collier is a 256 acre2 Scout camp in Gardner, Massachusetts, owned by the Monadnock Trust. As of 2024, Scout units still camp at Camp Collier, either in tent sites or in cabins.

In 2021, Camp Collier was used in as a setting for an episode of the series Dexter. From pictures in a posting on Seeing Stars, at least one interior cabin scene was filmed in Heywood Hall, an actual cabin at the camp. According to the Camp Ranger: The main cabin featured in the episode was constructed specifically for the filming and was removed at its conclusion. The film crew made their home on the camp's main field, near Heywood Hall; the field was restored with sod after the filming.

The Monadnock Trust is a corporate successor to the Monadnock Council BSA until it lost its BSA charter in 1993; its districts were absorbed into the Nashua Valley Council BSA (later merged into the Heart of New England Council). The camp was originally 585 acres1 but sold three parcels to the state in 20203 for adddition to the adjacent Ashburnham Wildlife Management Area. Currently, the property is comprised of several parcels, some of which are not adjacent to the camp, all of which are around Lake Wampanoag. The two charitable funds supporting the camp were transferred to the Nashua Valley Council in 1998 as the outcome of a case brought by the BSA against the Monadnock Trust.


Camp entrance: 42.619302, -71.972549

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Camp Map - old map from Nikiwigi Lodge, which in 1965 merged with another lodge to become Quanopin Lodge.

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Reservations are made through the Camp Ranger:

Craig Caswell
Mobile:  978-627-6525
Home  978-632-6678

Troop 54 at Camp Collier

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3 "Board sends letter of support for land sale", The Gardner News, 1/27/20.


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