Nobscot Cabin Camping Trip

Friday, January 13 -
Sunday, January 15, 2023
Nobscot Scout Reservation
Sudbury, Massachusetts

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Troop 54 returned to Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury, Massachusetts, a camp we last visited in May 2021. We had the Pond View Lodge, the nicest of the cabins we have camped in over the years. With no snow on the ground, we hauled our gear from the trailer to the cabin using wagons and carts in two trips. That trip was half a mile each way with about 100 feet of elevation gain toward the cabin. Of course, our arrival was at night. We had 4 youth and 3 adult participants on this trip.

Temperatures on this trip started higher but were mostly in the low 30's with just a little snow on Saturday.

Since our last visit, the fireplace had gotten an insert, making it more efficient for heating. The wood stove worked pretty well for heating the room with the cooking area, especially after Mr. Richmond unclogged its fan.

During the day on Saturday, we went on a hike around the camp by following its orienteering course. They have quite a few cabins, although for many of them, the nearest latrine or water was pretty far away. From Pondview, both are pretty close. Unlike most Scout camps, this one does not have a lake; there is no place for swimming or boating.

We also spent some time carrying lots of firewood into the cabin and then re-stocking the deck of the cabin with wood from a nearby pile.

This was our 169th consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip.

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J. Froimson

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