Cabin Camping Trip

Friday, February 21 -
Sunday, February 23, 2020
Nobscot Scout Reservation
Sudbury, Massachusetts

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by the SPL

Troop 54 returned to Nobscot Scout Reservation in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The Troop had last visited the camp in 2016 and 2013, also to stay in this cabin.

On the first night, the Troop carried in their camping gear to set up for the weekend. It was a cold and harsh venture to the cabin, as the destination was located on a steep incline, layered with obstacles on the path, such as rocks and tree roots. The only modes of transportation were the troop wagon and the Scouts' bare hands, both of which sapped everybody's energy by sleeping time.

In the morning, the Scouts got to see the beauty that lay outside the cabin. Sunlight gleamed over the icy pond resting next to the wooden lodge. For breakfast, two Scouts were making pancakes and bacon for the other Scouts. Pack 37 joined later in the day, before lunch arrived. They brought with them 4 Scouts, one of whom didn't stay the night, and 3 adults. For lunch, the Scouts had BLT sandwiches and chicken noodle soup and broccoli. Some Scouts had also worked on their rank advancements, including Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit awards.

The Cub Scouts had fun outside, building forts out of fallen tree branches and conquering each other in their factions. One of the Cub Scouts, however, decided to spend hours chopping firewood for the cabin out of fun and hard work.

In the late afternoon and early evening, the Scouts decided to go find poison ivy for a rank advancement. The Cub Scouts were the first to find it, and all of the Scouts took a picture with the poison ivy. Once they returned to the cabin, the older Scouts then began the prep to make dinner, cake and smores.

After dinner, the Scouts and leaders alike went on a hike to the top of a hill to see the Boston skyline at night. On the way there, the group also stopped by and checked an 18th century smallpox burial ground. After making the way to the top of the hill, the Scouts took time to gaze at the skyline and the vast and glimmering celestial skies, where they saw constellations such as Orion's Belt and the Big DIpper. The group then went back to the cabin to eat their freshly baked cake and partied along the night, making smores and playing games, falling asleep later in their warm and cozy bunk beds shortly before being woken up by the smoke detector at 11:03 PM.

On the third day, the Scouts woke up and prepared a delicious meal of breakfast burritos, which consisted of tortilla wrap, bacon, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce, with orange juice. The Cub Scouts left early, around 9 AM, but the older Scouts spent the rest of the morning putting away gear and cleaning up the cabin, finishing at 11:30 AM, when they then departed for home.

Together, Troop 54 and Pack 37 had 16 participants on this trip.

This was our one hundred thirty-fourth consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip.

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