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Backpacking the Blue Hills Reservation
Troop 54 backpacking trip participants hike the Wolcott Path in Blue Hills Reservation. (December 2016).

Boy Scout Troop 54 Camps Every Month for Eight Years

December 16, 2016

WORCESTER - Boy Scout Troop 54 achieved another milestone this month - at least one overnight camping trip every month for 96 months. During those eight years, the troop has visited nineteen different Scout camps, camped in various parts of six states and hiked numerous trails across the region. Each camping trip provides the setting for the Scouts to learn outdoor and leadership skills. Just as importantly, each trip provides fun, adventure and outdoors experiences for these city boys (and leaders).

Troop 54 (t54.org) is sponsored by Epworth United Methodist Church, 64 Salisbury Street in Worcester. First chartered one hundred and one years ago, Troop 54 is the oldest troop in the Mohegan Council BSA.

Fun facts about Troop 54
Fun facts about Troop 54.

For its trip this month, the troop backpacked through the Blue Hills Reservation into Camp Sayre in Milton, Massachusetts. The Scouts and leaders slept in tents overnight as the temperature dropped to 17 degrees. Two of the Scouts were backpacking for their first time.

The level of activity offered in Troop 54 is an attractive alternative for boys who would otherwise spend too much time watching TV or playing video games.

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Joshua Froimson
Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 54
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