Popcorn Sale 2019



Selling popcorn gives our Scouts a chance to earn part of their way to Scouting events, and it helps to fund the Heart of New England Council's operations, which supports us in delivering the program. Learning to knock on a door, look someone in the eye, and ask him/her to support Scouting is a great way to build a Scout's confidence.

There are three ways to take orders and track your sales:

  • Trails End App (available for iOS or Android)
  • Paper Order Form - Get one from the Popcron Kernel or print this file.
  • Online Sales - Set up your store and refer people to it. Visit Trails-End.com

Get your order sheet and envelope from Keith MacNeal, our Popcorn Kernel.


  • Prize: Amazon gift card. See the Prizes sheet for details. You get one gift card for the highest level you attain.
  • Camping Incentives:
    • At $1,000 – $25 HNE Camp Voucher
    • At $2,000 – Attend council Gym and Swim in winter 2020, top seller T-shirt, and additional $25 HNE Camp Voucher
    • At $4,000 – Overnight stay for five at Great Wolf Lodge, or additional $150 HNE Camp Voucher
  • Scholarship: If you sell $2,500 or more, you get 6% as a scholarship from Trails End for all sales from that year on.
  • Troop Commission: Each Scout can apply 13% of his sales toward Scout summer camp, events or registration fees.

Key Dates

October 29 (Tuesday) - Last day to submit your order and full payment to the Popcorn Kernel (Keith MacNeal).
November 16 (Saturday) - Popcorm is distributed to the Troop. The Troop distributes to each seller in the following few days.


Questions and Answers

Question: Who does the check get made out to?
Answer: Make checks payable to "Troop 54". We'll write one big check to the Heart of New England Council at the end.

Question: When do we collect the money?
Answer: In a change from previous years, all money is to be collected in advance and handed into the Troop with your order. That means that unless you have the payment, you don't have an order.

Question: Does it matter whether they pay by check or cash?
Answer: Either is fine.

Question: Can they pay with a credit card?
Answer: Using the Trail's End app, you can take payments with a credit card.


  • Bring an envelope for the money.
  • Bring some singles with you so you can make change.
  • Wear your Scouts BSA uniform.
  • Be certain you know where to reach each customer. They are paying in advance, so don't give Scouts BSA a bad reputation by not knowing where or how to deliver the popcorn. Just knowing that you took the order at your chuch is NOT enough; get the customer's name, address and phone number (REALLY).


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