Hunger Games Klondike

Friday, January 25 -
Sunday, January 27, 2019
Camp Sequassen
New Hartford, Connecticut

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Troop 54 returned to Camp Sequassen in New Hartford, Connecticut, our last trip there having been in March 2017. We had four Boy Scouts and three leaders participating on this trip.

Coming from Worcester, where a heavy rain storm had washed away most of our snow, we were surprised to find this camp still covered in snow, except on roads. The temperature dropped to about 17°F overnight on Friday and rose to about 32°F on Saturday.

We had the Hillside site, which had eight shelters and a pavillion. Each shelter had four or six beds.

There were about 40 sleds participating, mostly from Connecticut Yankee Council. At least two sleds were from new girl troops. The Klondike had seven stations. At one, Scouts had to start a fire and boil water. One was an orienteering course. One required suspending the team off the ground for five minutes (our leaders ran that station). One required constructing a ladder using lashings and using that to climb up a touch point. One required leading blinded team members using codes. There were also stations for archery and first aid.

A final event was to be a sled race, but the previous weekend's Klondike had left the field's snow rutted. Subsequent rain and freezing had made this too rough to use. As a result, this part of the event was cancelled.

Each night, a film from the Hunger Games series was shown. We arrived too late for the first one; some of us watched part of the second film, but the seating was outdoors, and sitting still in the cold was a bit of a challenge.

We used our new trailer for the first time on this trip. We had picked it up the day of our departure. Still to do is constructing shelving inside the trailer and getting graphics onto its sides.

This was our one hundred twenty-first consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip.

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