Rafting Trip

Friday, May 25 -
Sunday, May 27, 2012
Charlemont, MA

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Troop 54 will do CrabApple's "Deerfield River - Fife Brook Section" rafting trip with camping at Horace Moses Scout Reservation in Russell, MA. We will have a Friday evening departure and Sunday afternoon return to keep Memorial Day itself open.

The rafting trip covers 10 miles, starting 9:30 AM and ending about 4:00 PM on Saturday, May 26.

The current Scouting Rate for the rafting portion of the trip is $74/person including wet suit rental. The camping site portion is $5/person, and food is probably around $8-12/person. Thus, figure a total of around $90/person for the weekend.

To be a participant in the rafting, payment of at least the rafting registration ($74) was due by the troop meeting on April 24. We booked the reservation for initial participants on April 25. Add-on registrations may be possible later, depending on seat availability.

Crabapple, the rafting operator, has provided the following additional information:

Fife Brook Section Trip Itinerary & What to Bring
The Fine Print


  • Permission Slip - Each participating Scout must submit this to the Scoutmaster by May 22.
  • Rafting Liability Waiver - Each participant must submit this to the Scoutmaster by May 22.
  • Annual Health and Medical Record - Each participant must have submitted this record within the previous year and no later than May 22. This trip requires only Parts A and B (pages 2 and 3), including copy of insurance card (both sides). A medical exam is not required.
  • CORI - Adults staying overnight must have submitted a CORI to the Mohegan Council within the last year. If you need this, please submit it to the Scoutmaster by May 22.
  • Youth Protection Training - Adults staying overnight must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training within the prior two years. If you need this, submit your training certificate to the Scoutmaster by May 22.
  • Vehicle Information - If your vehicle information has not been included on a previous tour permit, please provide this to the Scoutmaster by May 22.
  • Cost:
      Scouts and Leaders participating in the rafting - $79 registration, plus share of food cost. $74 was due April 24.
      Scouts and Leaders camping only (depends on availability of leaders) - $5 registration, plus share of food cost.


Meet at the Epworth United Methodist Church parking lot at 6:30 PM Friday for departure by 6:45 PM.

Travel to Horace Moses (the camping location) is estimated at 1-1/2 hours.

On Saturday, travel from the camping area to the rafting starting location is estimated at 1 hour 20 minutes.

Crabapple has provided Directions to their Massachusetts Base and indicates that GPS directions are incorrect in their area.

We have to leave Moses by 11:00 AM. Estimated return to the church is 12:30 PM Sunday.


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