Cleaning Dishes

There are two common methods for cleaning camp dishes on a "car camping" trip.

Chemical Sanitization

Steramine tablets bottle

Prepare wash tubs:

  1. Wash Water (plain water). Add hot water to make it warm, especially if there is any oil or grease in the food soiling the dishes.
  2. Rinse Water (plain water).
  3. Sanitizing Solution. Add 2 tablets Steramine to about 2 gallons water (does not need to be hot).

Wash each item:

  1. Scrape - Scrape all food off plates into trash.
  2. Wash - Wash each item in the Wash tub, using a soapy sponge. Then dip the item back into the wash tub to remove the bulk of the suds.
  3. Rinse - Rinse each item in the rinse tub, agitating the item to remove the remaining soap.
  4. Sanitize - Place each item in sanitizing tub (Stearamine) for 1 minute.
  5. Air Dry - Set out to dry.

Hot Water Sanitization

Since 2016, Troop 54 does not typically use this method because of the time and fuel required to heat the larger amount of hot water.


Page updated: 5/22/17
J. Froimson

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