Ski Campout

Friday, March 18 -
Sunday, March 20, 2022
Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
Rutland, Massachusetts

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Alps Mountaineering Exreme 3 Tent

We returned in March to Treasure Valley Scout Reservation in Rutland, Massachusetts for what was to have been our first ski trip in recent years. With the weather starting to warm, Ski Ward had decided that the previous Sunday was their last day of the season. We camped in the Madore site in East Camp. We had 5 Scouts, 3 troop leaders and one parent participating.

There were several other troops in camp in cabins and at another tent site.

It rained lightly for much of Saturday, so we appreciated having the hard shelter in our site for cooking and eating.

The nearest water was about a quarter of a mile away at the Magee cabin. We used our new heavy duty plastic cart to transport the water containers.

During the day on Saturday, we hiked a trail to Pine Point, on the shore of Browning Pond with the intent to use lashing to build two towers for a capture the flag game. Instead, the Scouts tried fishing; much of the pond was clear of ice.

Back at camp, three older Scouts from Troop 165 stopped by to work on Scout skills with our Scouts. Our Scouts cooked hamburgers over the camp fire. They did their other cooking on stoves. The adults were treated to Mr. MacNeal's camp cooking, including Irish beef stew and freshly baked soda bread for dinner.

This was our 159th consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip. See the article on our website for more pictures from this event.

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J. Froimson

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