Metalwork Campout

Friday, November 12 -
Sunday, November 14, 2021
Woodstock, CT

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Metalwork Merit Badge

For this trip, we returned to the property and studio of metalworking artist/craftsman and Troop 54 alumnus Michael Saari in Woodstock, Connecticut. Our last trip there was in September 2016. This time, Mr. Saari was just wrapping up a few years as New York City's blacksmith. We had 4 Troop 54 Scouts, 2 Pack 37 Cub Scouts, 4 Troop 54 leaders, 1 Troop 7054 leader and one parent participating for a total of 12 participants.

We camped alongside the small pond on the property, which is a very picturesque location. From there, the main view in one direction is the neighboring dairy farm.

We had expected to set up in rain the first evening but lucked out with no rain that evening. On Saturday, the weather got really nice during the day; for a while, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

During the day on Saturday, Mr. Saari instructed the Scouts and one of the leaders in completing a hook project that included a variety of blacksmith metalworking methods.

Late in the afternoon on Saturday, an expected storm moved in. We all gathered in the camp site kitchen area under two popup canopies. As the wind picked up to a really crazy level (gusting to 48 MPH according to Wundeground) with hail, we grabbed the canopy posts to hold them down, and the wind still crushed both canopies. We briefly took shelter from the hail inside the troop trailer. After the storm passed, it became apparent that one Scout tent was flattened with the sleeping bags in it having gotten wet, and one leader tent had a broken pole. The Scouts threw in the towel and headed home with three adults. The remaining three leaders continued the campout to its scheduled end, packing up the remaining gear. That end included two more gourmet camp meals by Mr. MacNeal.

This was our 155th consecutive month with at least one overnight camping trip. See the article on our website for more pictures from this event.

Thanks to Mr. Saari for hosting us for another great weekend.

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