"Campership" is the term the Boy Scouts of America uses for financial aid.

Troop Campership Policy

Troop 54 has a Campership Policy, which means that we can provide limited funds to support the participation of Scouts in need throughout the year. If you need financial assistance, please take a look at our policy to see if you qualify.

If you need financial assistance and qualify, use our Campership Policy Form to apply.

Troop Summer Campership

Troop 54 has a process for supporting a Scout who needs some assistance just for summer camp. If you need this, please complete our Summer Camp Campership Application and submit it to the Scoutmaster.

Council Campership

In most years, a separate application process is used for summer camp. To get this, you would apply for a campership to the council in which the camp we are attending is located. The deadline to apply for that is generally several months before summer camp. These details are included in our summer camp posting for that year.


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