Troop 54 Summer Camp Pictures


Summer Camp Picture

Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, Proctor Campsite (East Camp), July 12-19, 1997

Back Row: Michael P. McHugh, Arthur C. Gonyea, Robert E. Gates (SM), Donald W. Harris (CC), Matthew R. Gates, Robert Shaw Jr. (ASM), Paul J. Brown (ASM), Mark Nugent (Tr 50), Patrick J. Brown (SPL)

Middle Row: Brian K. Beeso, Christopher M. Fitzpatrick, Jason M. Last, Jonathan ML Waddell, Robert M. Shaw III, Benjamin A. Longvall, Michael P. Duggan, Brian M. Strub

Front Row: Christopher M. Mattson, Matthew T. Aromando, Spencer G. Shaw, Thomas J. Sliwoski, Timothy M. Rondeau, Matthew D. Moisan, Michael J. Brown

Picture taken Saturday, July 12, 1997, 2:20 PM, at Pine Point, by Martin P. Grogoza of Artistic Photography of Worcester, Mass

Caption information by Donald Harris. Specific dates and campsite from the September 1997 issue of The Torch.

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