Bear Cub Scout Uniform

The Bear Den is for third grade boys.

Bear Book
Cub Shirt
Bear Hat
Cub Belt
Bear Neckerchief
Neckerchief slide:
Cub Neckerchief Slide
Council Strip Patch
Pack 54 numerals

What you need to buy:

  1. Bear Book
  2. Cub Scout Blue Short Sleeve Shirt
  3. Bear Cap
  4. Cub Scout Blue Belt w/ Buckle
  5. Bear Neckerchief, blue
  6. Bear Neckerchief Slide
  7. "Heart of New England Council" patch
  8. Unit Numerals "5" and "4" patches

Other items are either optional or are provided by the pack as awards.

Refer to the Cub Scout uniform inspection sheet for patch placement on the uniform.

There are several places where you can buy these items.

Pack 54 does not use den number patches.

Page updated 6/27/19
J. Froimson

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